​We are excited to meet you and your home!

How we operate:

We currently employee nine, awesome, hardworking women. Three of us are in the office, and six are in the field working as two teams of three; one team for the Greenbank/Freeland route, the other for the Langley/Clinton route. We strongly believe in the idea of teams as it creates an internal set of checks and balances, ensuring that each house gets as many sets of eyes and hands as possible. 

We are ABOUT THE HOUSE, an association of dedicated laborers and dreamers who were born into the domestic life and continued on as mothers, daughters, and wives.

We never left the proverbial kitchen, or if we did, we returned to it, more convinced than ever that it is truly the place where Life begins.

We offer diligence, care, and a patient eye for detail. We tune in to the individual voice, pay attention to it, and heed its wish. We believe that by doing so, we make the world a better place.

We are located on Whidbey Island, a beautiful slice of earthly paradise, found north of Seattle in the Continental United States and have been providing exceptional Housecleaning services since 2003. 

we are: