What we bring when we visit your home: 


​Here at About the House, we are concerned about the Environment and believe that the next unshakable buzz word will be the word “clean”, as in “clean up your room”, “clean up your act”, and “clean up your planet”. We do our best to limit the use of harmful chemicals not only on behalf of our environment, but also for the health of our bodies, mind, and spirit. Since our inception way back when in 2003, we have carried the Caldrea Co.'s exclusive line of all natural, all purpose cleaner. Biodegradable, powerful, aromatic, and made in the U.S. are just some of the reasons we at About the House love and support this company. We send our crews out with the client's 'flavor-of-choice', clean with it, and restock it as we go. All eight of Caldrea Co's 'flavors' are available in our store front, so 'pop on over and see what speaks to you and your home. 

We know what we like because we know what works. Our teams will arrive with their own supplies. We also know that your space is yours alone, so if there are products your prefer us to use, then we ask you to leave them out for us to find. Here's what we carry: